Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Designing new stoles

Cross, Earth, Spirit

I've been designing some new stoles for people. This one is an adaptation of the St. Andrew's stained glass window I designed several years ago. I've had requests for gold and white stoles...
With the following butterfly stoles I think I'll add some gold to the background. Hard to leave so much white when a person could use more color.
Butterfly and Celtic Knot
Butterfly and Celtic Knot

Brush stroke technique

Here's a fairly simple style for the gold/white theme. 

Herald of Change
 This would make a good Advent stole.


Sidney said...

Loving the non-representational as I do, the brushstroke stole is my absolute favorite. It has energy and life!

Kristen Gilje said...

Glad you like it Sidney.

Nathan Sager said...

Kristen, send me your mailing address so that I can send you my payment. Nathan Sager

Kristen Gilje said...

Nathan, I just sent the address via e-mail.