Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winner St. Dunstan's Stained Glass Design!!

Magenta and Green Fremont Glass will be color base for design

Fremont Antique Glass samples next to my design

I got word last weekend that St. Dunstan's has chosen my design for their stained glass window!  So two days later I met Joe Hester, who is heading up the stained glass project, at Fremont Antique Glass Co. in Seattle, where they make beautiful colored glass and send it all over the world. Above you can see my design next to glass samples we are looking at.

Jim Flanagan and assistant at Fremont Antique Glass Co.

Joe Hester looking for Amber
 It's a fun place to visit. The glass is made right in front of your eyes by master blower Jim Flanagan. He has several assistants that help him with the production.

On the right you can see Joe looking for amber glass, and Jim the glass blower in the background near his big kiln. 

Still looking for Amber