Monday, May 18, 2009

Student Work from Grunewald Guild 2008

The following are pictures of student work from the Grunewald Guild 5-day silk painting workshop I taught in the summer of 2008. We had a full, rich and wonderful class.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two Upcoming Classes

July 16-19 NCI Environmental Learning Ctr.
"Art Afield: Diablo Creative Arts Retreat"

July 20-26 Grunewald Guild
"Color in the Woods: Silk Painting Workshop"

I love to teach. Silk painting is especially fun to teach because the silk dye colors are so vibrant and rich, and the application can be so simple. The first pieces a student makes are usually joyous and fun, and often very beautiful simply because of the materials we are using.

Come and take a 4 day class with me at North Cascades Institute's Environmental Learning Center. I will be one of three instructors July 16-19. Art Afield: Diablo Creative Arts Retreat" will host a calligraphy and a watercolor class alongside our silk painting class. We can cross-fertilize by using calligraphy and watercolor techniques in our silk painting.

If you'd rather spend a whole week painting on silk, come to the Grunewald Guild near Leavenworth WA July 20-26. The Guild is an interfaith sanctuary for art and spirit. We will be shareing time there with paper clay sculptors, printmakers, stained glass artists and wood sculptors.

First Posting

Welcome to the Color Spot Blog. Here you will find ideas I am working with, new paintings and other artwork, the ups and downs of learning art as a business, and classes I will be teaching.

Besides keeping you posted on what I'm up to these days, journalling here helps me to condense and crystalize my own thoughts.

This winter I took a business class for artists and found that I have 4 different businesses, all running at the same time! I made portfolios for each one: Portraiture and Figurative Painting,

Landscape Painting, Silk Painting, and Work for Churches including stained glass design, entryway murals and silk paraments. Oh yes, and then there's teaching.

I'm not ready to cut any of these off just yet, and love the variety. We'll see how it goes.