Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Plymouth Design: Making Some Changes

When I was done painting the second 30-foot piece of silk I took both long banners to the Ferry Terminal to see how they looked together. Again, I could only see two-thirds of them at a time, so had to imagine them fully in view.

After seeing the second banner from a distance I decided to follow my instincts and add some darker values in the background.

I added some purples on top of the greens in the background behind the top two butterflies ("California Sister" and "Painted Lady")

And at the bottom I put a dark red on top of the greens. I like the earthy background for the chrysalis. Looks like the ground from which it all arises.

I had wanted to make these changes before I had seen it all from a distance, but leaving it with the same colors as the first banner was the "safest" route. Once I got it back on the frame it felt great to follow my instincts instead. And I am much more pleased with the whole piece because of it.

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