Thursday, April 22, 2010

Making some Connections: Credit where Credit is Due

You may have noticed that the look of my blog has changed. I am taking an online blogging class this month called Blog Triage: Maintaining a Healthy Artist's Blog so you will notice lots more changes, hopefully positive ones. Let me know what you think.

Guess what today's class is on? LINKING! I will gladly link you up with teachers Alyson and Cynthia.

Alyson Stanfield's ArtBizBlog is a mainstay of my art business life. Every Monday like clockwork her posts appear, with something relevant and useful each time. Her partner in crime is Cynthia Morris, who has two intriguing blogs, Journey JuJu: Adventures of a Creative Nomad, and Original Impulse. Cynthia is a writing coach and a life coach. The two teachers make a good combo.

I found ArtBizBlog through Fine Print Imaging, who specialize in making fine art prints. I started with Fine Print Imaging while selling prints at Holden Village where I was Artist in Residence. Their quality is impeccable. I would hold one of my original watercolors up to a new Giclee print and it was hard even for me to tell the difference. Making prints from originals was a way of keeping art at Holden, a not-for-profit organization, affordable for everyone. The prints are also good advertising for Holden.

Fine Print sends out an e-newsletter full of wonderful stuff. Besides ArtBizBlog I found Working Artist: The Artist's Business Tool through Fine Print. I use Working Artist software for storing all the data about my artwork, show history, addresses and mailings.

OK I learned a lot about how to make links just now. And I hope you found one or two good connections!


Hannah said...


I very much like your new header. As a reader it draws me in and makes me want to keep reading. Lovely.

Karen said...

Kristen, your links were great. I really like having them available within the context of the post, it adds so much depth.

Kristen Gilje said...

Hanna, thanks. I like all the color it adds, and the emotional tone. But I do think it will compete with other artwork I post. We'll see...

Thanks Karen. I like bringing people right to the source of things that are really helpful. Links are great.

Claudine Intner said...

How do you like the Working Artist software? I bought Bento (sort of a lite version of Filemaker) a few months ago but haven't used it much. Do you find you are keeping track of things better?

Kristen Gilje said...

Claudine, I am definitely keeping track of things better. I have not shopped around to see what else is available, and Working Artist has its limitations. Part of it may be my own techie limits too, but I use it all the time. Do you like Bento? Is it made for artists?

merci33 said...

Hi Kristen
I'm wowed by your header it really is gorgeous.
And the post is terrific...I've learned about some great sites that I've bookmarked.

kdardine said...

Thank you for mentioning Fine Print, Kristen! We're so glad to know that you've found our e-newsletters valuable - and that you've been happy with your prints!