Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mysterious Beginnings: What to do with a Muse?

Seems that when a muse calls, the muse also opens up a path. I was graciously offered a space in a butterfly field class at North Cascades Institute (ncascades.org), taught by nationally known and respected butterfly scientist and author Robert Michael Pyle. We spent two days hunting butterflies with his trusty net named Martha and his very kind wife. I left the class with real material and much better first-hand knowledge of butterflies to put into the Plymouth design.

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Kadira said...

Wow Kristen - what an amazing undertaking - and a beautiful result. I have some idea of what it takes to work with fabric in this way as I used to dye and hand print silk rayon velvets with stencils.

You have done such a magnificient job - thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world - you have brought beauty into my day!