Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Dunstan's Stained Glass Window Competition

Well, here I am, one of 3 finalists for a stained glass window design. The contest is for a window in St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church in Shoreline WA, just north of Seattle. The congregation is making the winning window themselves, under the direction of Joe Hester...The above photo is my final entry, after the critique that the congregation of St. Dunstan's would need more detail so more people could be involved in its making. The entry I originally submitted was a very simple design. See below:

The basic idea is seeing the Light of God in everyday life, in this case through the trees. My inspiration was a photo of the window itself, through which I could make out the branches of trees that were really there. 

Here's a picture of the window in the church. 

Here's a link to the prospectus:

and here's a link to St. Dunstan's church:

Wish me luck!!


Sidney said...

Good luck: but I think your creativity and skill will be more than enough for the job! Love the addition of the leaves

Kristen Gilje Studio said...

Thanks Sidney. Hey it worked this time! Your comment is here! Good.

p said...

Great work! I also like the addition of the leaves...Makes it more attractive...Daniel

painting techniques said...

I agree, the addition of the leaves makes it more attractive! I am sorry, this is my second post. (I accidentally hit enter for the previous one)...Daniel

Anonymous said...

Kristen, I was a team member that put together panels for your window at St. Dunstans. We love your design and cannot wait to see it installed!