Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Plymouth Design: The Unfurling at Ferry Terminal

The first banner is done!!! I unfurled it, all thirty feet, and brought it a couple blocks away to the Bellingham Ferry Terminal, where the Alaska Ferry docks every Friday. It's the tallest spot I could think of. I hung the banner over the balcony and still could only see 2/3rds of it at a time. But it looks good. The colors seem to work well together and it has the unity I desire.

It's interesting working on a piece when you can't see the whole thing at one time until it's done. Takes some faith, and maybe a bit of magic and mystery.Mostly faith I guess. The magic and mystery happen because of the faith.


Julie Thompson said...

wow, that's AMAZING!

Erika said...

ooooooooooohh wooowwww!!! Lady, this is more gorgeous than gorgeousness itself! I love the color scheme of blues and golds - so rich and vibrant! Those interlacing circle designs are beautiful - I've always especially liked Celtic interlacing and Labyrinth patterns. And the winged things! - So delicate and strong - Just stunning! :)